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Collection: Eagle Diamond Paintings

Eagle diamond paintings bring the majestic beauty of these birds to life through sparkling gems on diamond art kits. Each kit allows you to create a stunning design of an eagle, showcasing its impressive wingspan and the sharp talon it uses for hunting. As you place each diamond, the raptor seems to take flight right before your eyes.


Eagle Diamond Art Kits

The eagle, a symbol of freedom, has a vision that's unmatched in the bird kingdom, and this is captured in the intricate details of the feathers and crest in the artwork. The bald eagle, with its distinctive white head, is a favorite among diamond painting enthusiasts. The aerie, or nest, perched high above the ground, is a safe haven for the eagle and its young, and it's often a focal point in these paintings.

Diamond painting is a relaxing activity that brings the thrill of seeing a predator like the eagle into your home. It's a tribute to the eagle's role in nature, both as a hunter and a scavenger, and it celebrates the soaring spirit of this symbolic creature.

Unboxing Our Diamond Painting Kits

When you open one of our diamond painting kits, you'll find a full-drill canvas rolled up and waiting for your creative touch. The canvas is unique, covered in symbols that guide where to place each diamond. Alongside the canvas, there's a diamond pen, a tool designed to pick up the tiny gems with ease.

You'll also see a full set of square or round diamonds, each color separated and labeled for convenience. A tray for sorting these sparkly pieces is included to help you organize them as you work. Tweezers come in handy for adjusting any misplaced diamonds, and a wax pad is there to keep the tip of your diamond pen sticky.

If you find you need more tools, you can always purchase more tools here. Each item in the kit is chosen for its quality, ensuring your diamond painting experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

How to start diamond painting

Starting with diamond painting is easy, and you don't need to be an artist to create something wonderful. Begin with round diamonds; they're forgiving and simple to place. Pick a design with simple pictures and a small canvas size to keep it manageable. The key is easy-to-follow patterns that won't overwhelm you.

When you're wondering how to do diamond painting, just remember it's like following a map. Each color has a symbol, and you place each diamond where it belongs. The square drills fit snugly together, giving a satisfying "click" as they settle in, perfect for those who love precision.

As you pick up a diamond with your applicator, find its space on the sticky canvas, and press it down, you'll see your picture come to life. Step by step, diamond by diamond, you'll see progress, and soon enough, you'll have a sparkling piece of art made by your own hands. It's as simple as that!