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Collection: Peacock Diamond Paintings

Peacock Diamond Painting is a creative activity where you can make a picture of a peacock with its majestic plumage. The kits let you paint with diamonds to capture the iridescent beauty of the peacock's feathers. You place tiny gems on the tail to show its ornate patterns. During courtship, a peacock will strut, showing off its vibrant feathers. The crest is also part of the design, with the eyespot being a key focus. This diamond art reflects the exotic nature of the peacock. It's a fun way to create a bright, detailed piece of art.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a craft similar to mosaic and paint by numbers. You stick tiny gems, called drills, onto a canvas. These drills come as square diamonds or round diamonds. Each has many facets that make the picture dazzle. It's like cross stitch but with 5D diamond painting pen and gems. You follow a pattern, placing each gem in its spot. It creates a sparkling piece of art.

Unboxing the Peack Diamond Painting Kit

When you open the Peacock Diamond Painting Kit, you'll find square or round diamonds. There's a canvas with symbols where each diamond goes. The kit includes a diamond applicator, a small tray, tweezers, and a wax pad. These are all the tools you'll need. The tray helps sort the diamonds. Wax pad is for picking them up with the applicator. Within the kit, the tray thoughtfully aids in organizing the diamonds, while the wax pad ensures each gem can be effortlessly picked up by the applicator. Should you encounter any queries, the responsive customer service team is on standby to assist. Upon the kit's arrival, following shipping, take a moment to review your order, and then, you're all set to embark on your diamond painting adventure.