Special Ways to Use Those Leftover Diamonds You've Never Heard About

It’s the question that bothers every diamond painting addict – what to do with the leftover drills. Each project leaves you with an assortment of spare diamond beads. While it's a testament to the generous supply provided with each kit, it also poses an intriguing question: What to do with these leftover glimmering gems?
It's easy to think about stashing them away in a drawer or forgetting about them entirely. But that's like leaving a gold mine untapped. These leftovers have potential beyond just filling in the gaps of future projects. They can become the centerpiece of new creative ventures.
If you've been pondering this very question, this article is your sparkling savior. We've curated a list of unusual, innovative, and downright fun ways to give those leftover diamonds a second life. Prepare to be dazzled by the possibilities that await your diamond stash!

Get yourself a blank diamond art canvas without tools or drills

Ever find yourself with a bunch of spare sparkles and nowhere to put them? Well, grab one of those canvases for leftover drills! They're delivered without drills, which is like getting a pizza without toppings - a blank slate! And since they come with no tools, you're the boss. Whip out those leftovers and use your own imagination to make that canvas dazzle in a way only you can. Who knew art could be this fun and resourceful? They’re 40x40cm canvases, using 4 – 8 symbols, that means the same as that many DMC colors. But don’t worry, you can use more of them and be even more creative!

Layered colorful bottle craft

Ever thought a glass bottle could be the star of your nighttime show? Think crafty, think fun! Layer it up with different colors and, for that extra 'wow' factor, sprinkle in some glow in the dark drills. And voila! A seemingly ordinary bottle transforms into a luminous masterpiece, radiating those crafty vibes. Now, when the lights go off, let the bottle glow on! It's a touch of magic right on your shelf. Crafting just reached a whole new level of cool!


Color up your sneakers

Ever had sneaker envy? No more! Grab some glue and give those plain old kicks a sparkling makeover. Yes, with some shiny diamonds, those sneakers are about to steal the show. Just a few dabs of glue and strategically placed diamonds, and suddenly, those shoes aren’t just for walking - they're strutting! Bead adorned sneakers are all the rage now, so why pay designer prices when a DIY upgrade is just a few diamond dots away?

Make your own diamond art Christmas decoration

Move over, traditional baubles! It's time for a Christmas tree upgrade. Why not fashion a Christmas tree-topper that truly tops them all? With those leftover diamond dots, crafting a sparkling Christmas ornament becomes a festive affair. Imagine the joy of telling your family, 'Made it myself!' every time someone admires your tree. Santa might just leave an extra gift for the most glittering, handmade tree decor in town.

Christmas ornament diamond art

Make your door sign glitter and shine

Ever thought about giving that plain old door sign a snazzy makeover? Let's take 'welcome' from meh to 'WOW!' by adding some glittery goodness diamond art. Grab those letters and leftover diamond dots and get crafty! Whether it's your name or cheeky words, making door signs sparkle is the in-thing now. And hey, when someone knocks, at least they're greeted with a twinkle before the hello!

Sparkle up your Birthday cards

Hey party people, let's level up those Birthday cards! Grab a diamond art pen and start dotting with those leftover round drills. Oh, and if you're feeling extra fancy, sprinkle in some AB drills for that extra pizzazz. Because, let's face it, nothing screams 'Happiest of Birthdays' more than a handcrafted, glittering masterpiece. Next thing you know, everyone's wishing it's their birthday just to get a sparkling card from you.

birthday card with diamond art

Decorate your phone case

Ring, ring! Is that your phone or just the sparkly glare from its case? Give your trusty phone some extra bling and make every call feel luxurious. With a touch of glitter, you can transform that plain ol' cover into a shimmering showpiece. Because why should jewelry have all the fun? Let your phone join the sparkle party and leave a trail of dazzled admirers in its wake. Time to dial up the glam factor!

Bedazzle your shopping bag

Let's be real, who said shopping bags need to be bland and boring? Certainly not me! It's time to elevate that drab bag to fab with some diamond dotting. Transform it into a vivid masterpiece, and trust me, even your groceries will feel more glamorous. Sprinkle those colorful beads on, and suddenly, you're not just carrying veggies and milk - you're flaunting a statement piece. A little shine and shimmer can truly make you the talk of the supermarket aisle!

Customize your jewelry with diamonds

Okay, fashionistas, time for some glitz intervention! Why spend heaps on flashy jewelry when you can bedazzle your own? Grab those brooches that have been snoozing in your drawer, or those 'meh' earrings needing a spruce-up. Give them the diamond art treatment! Consider turning those leftover drills into diamond art keychains or a pendant that screams YOU. Think of it as giving your accessories a glam-over. It's high time they sparkle as much as your personality!

diamond art brooch

Diamond nail art? Yes.

Hold up, ladies! Who says diamonds are just a girl's best friend when they can be your fingernails' BFF too? Now, I'm not talking about those uber-expensive diamond manicures. No siree! I'm all about using those leftover diamond beads. A little glue, some careful dotting, and voila! Your nails are party-ready, dinner-ready, heck, even 'stay-at-home-and-eat-ice-cream' ready. Because why should our canvases have all the fun? It’s nail time!

Bejewel your coffee mug

Morning brew feeling a bit... meh? Let's sprinkle some sparkle on that cuppa! Grab your glue (make sure it's heat resistant – nobody wants a glittery tongue) and get to work on that plain-Jane mug. Jazz it up, let it scream 'I'm fabulous' every time you take a sip! But, word of caution: while it’s fun to drink from a bedazzled cup, ensure none of those shinies go swimming. A glittery drink might sound cool, but trust me, it's a crunchy surprise you don't want!

cup diamond art

Calming glitter jar

What is a calming glitter jar? Oh honey, it's the adult version of a snow globe – but way more fabulous! Imagine this: a serene little space where diamond dots meet water and dance around, throwing off mesmerizing shine. It's like having a tiny disco in a bottle! Now, if only those glittery dots could also clean my apartment and reply to emails, right? Jokes aside, it's the shiny stress-buster every grown-up needs on her desk!
Want to craft your own calming glitter jar? It's easier than deciding on a Netflix series! Grab a clear jar (old mason jars or water bottles work wonders), fill it almost to the top with water, and pour in your leftover diamond dots. Add a few drops of clear glue or glycerin to make the diamonds dance more slowly, then seal the jar tight. Give it a shake, and voila! Instant zen in a jar. Personalize it with ribbons or labels, and keep it close for those 'need-a-mini-vacay' moments during your day.
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